Bentec Delivers its First Ever BOP Closing Unit

“Continuously striving to broaden our product portfolio by designing leading edge products which eliminate interfaces and provide maximum value for our customers.”

Driven by this mantra, Bentec entered into the well control business – first by obtaining the API-16D Licence, and then by developing and manufacturing its first ever BOP closing unit.

This project began in 2016 when Bentec looked into how it could add BOP closing units into its product range and become more independent from other OEM’s when building rigs, whilst at the same time offering them as replacements on existing rigs at a competitive cost. 

In 2017 the manufacture of Bentec’s first ever BOP Closing Unit was completed and having gone through an in-depth design validation process which was audited by API, the unit successfully received its licence.

Since then Bentec has gone on to build a further six BOP Closing Units. These will form part of the new rigs that will be delivered to our clients in Poland and the Ukraine later this year and throughout 2019.

Commenting on the latest addition to the Bentec product range, Bentec Chief Operating Officer, Arend  Lödden said:” Being a one-stop shop for our customers was and always is our aim. With the completion of our first closing unit, we have moved a step closer to achieving this.”