Increases ROP by up to 30% 
by mitigating stick-slip


Our 30+ years of knowledge and more than 250 installations of Soft Torque Systems has enabled us to take the next step and launch Bentec optiTORQUE.


This exciting innovation is designed to significantly enhance drilling performance by mitigating torsional oscillation of the drill string and the resulting stick-slip effect. The technology is based on a worldwide-accepted Shell’s Z-Torque algorithm, which aims to absorb all torque waves arriving at the surface in a much wider bandwidth than the older Soft Torque Rotary System.




We offer two different options for implementing the optiTORQUE into a top drive system. In new build top drive controls, the algorithm can be embedded into the VFD controller software, as a part of the top drive VFD-system. No hardware modifications are required. The system is also available as a retrofit package with a separate controller, enabling you to update earlier models.


·         Earlier well delivery due to improved ROP, extended bit life and fewer bit runs

·         No over-torqued drill string connections due to stabilized drill string

·         Reduced hole cleaning costs due to optimized drilling process in
          difficult formations

·         Improved well bore quality