Maximize rig & equipment uptime

Finding ways of reducing NPT is key to saving money, both for contractor and operator. Bentec rigCARE can support this goal by identifying potential delays in production and reducing costs associated with on-site service support.


rigCARE is a secure web application designed to visualize and analyze a wide range of drilling and equipment data. It’s accessible through devices such as a PC, smartphone, tablet or smartTV with any web browser, for ultimate convenience. It ensures real-time drilling and equipment information is available, wherever personnel happen to be and enables the monitoring of single items of equipment or the entire rig fleet from anywhere in the world.


SPEED AND EFFICIENCY                                                                                 


rigCARE can speed up troubleshooting times, ensure repairs are carried out faster and prevent potential large-scale problems before they occur. Access to the historical rigCARE database gives specialists vital background information on known equipment problems and fixes, leading to faster, more effective repairs. And in many cases, rigCARE removes the need for a technician to visit the site at all.




·         Resolves 70% of equipment service issues without a service engineer
          visiting the rig site

·         Reduces Non-Productive Time

·         Reduces repair and material costs

·         Defines maintenance and inspection tasks

·         24/7 online/remote support from Bentec experts