Delivers an increase of up to 50% in sliding
ROP in deviated and lateral well sections


Slide drilling is one of the biggest challenges facing contractors and operators of modern wells. The lateral friction typically reduces the rate of penetration and increases differential sticking.


This problem led our engineers to develop Bentec optiSLIDE. Bentec optiSLIDE reduces lateral friction by oscillating the drill string, increases the ROP and delivers wells faster.




The control panel enables the driller to adjust the toolface orientation while slide drilling, without removing the bit from the borehole bottom. This makes steering corrections simple and precise.


This invaluable optiSLIDE software feature is embedded in the top drive controls and available for all AC driven top drives.


·         Earlier well delivery due to improved ROP, extended bit life and fewer bit runs

·         Improved motor life due to less stalling

·         Improved well quality

·         Improved toolface control for directional drillers

·         Avoids differential sticking while sliding