Skiddable or stationary arctic rigs with superior and safe drilling performance withstanding extreme environmental conditions. 


The modular Bentec Arctic Rigs are built for operating in harsh, deep temperature environments. The skiddable Cluster Slider is designed to operate on cluster and single well locations, drilling directional wells. The rig and all drilling-related subsystems are installed on a skidding track to allow skidding with a full setback and tanks. The footprint allows for smaller locations.

As an alternative concept the rig can be manufactured with double train units for smaller locations (drilling support module and drilling rig as single units) or with single train units (both units on one skidding track).

The modular box-on-box substructure consists of four sub-boxes and three drill floor parts with integrated drilling equipment. The substructure is fully enclosed and has a free height of 23 feet to accommodate well control equipment.

The vertical lift mast consists of four units with an A-frame; the vertical mast is lifted by a hydraulic cylinder. Optionally, it can be fully cladded from the substructure up to the monkey board.

All required areas have been fully winterized and the system includes an intelligent, efficient heating & cooling system. The Bentec Heat Recovery System is available as an option to minimize fuel consumption and emissions to the atmosphere. The rig is powered by a self-generating system and works in conjunction with a frequency converter. The power pack can be attached to the skid together with the drilling support module and/or solid control system parallel with the rig. There is an optional package for supplying power from the main power overhead network.