Real-time drilling data
for a full overview of your rig


The Bentec infoDRILL is a superb, responsive drilling information system. It provides fast and accurate information in changing conditions, enabling measures to be taken by operators, quickly and efficiently.


The simple and intuitive drillers user interface provides drilling data indication and hard disk recording, for clarity and control. All drilling instrumentation data are accessible in the drillers control room or by other rig personnel via remote client access. All settings like alarm points, scaling, zoom etc. can be performed without use of a keyboard for ease of use, while different screen layouts for drilling and tripping for example, provide just the relevant information at any given time, ensuring simplicity. Languages and measurement units are adjustable at any time.




infoDRILL is equipped with various features like WITS Level 0 interface, for forwarding drilling data to external systems and provides additional IDAC based daily drilling reports and an electronic pipe tally.


The basic configuration offers two 19” LCD-monitors, situated in the drillers control room. A single cable connects the raid 1 data server inside the system cubicle and the LCD panel in the drillers cabin. This simple configuration contributes to faster rig moves of land drilling rigs.


In summary, infoDRILL delivers state-of-the-art rig performance, by making sensor and drilling data visible and clear.


·         Provides all important rig data in one centralized system

·         Seamless integration with drilling optimization systems

·         Fewer sensors required – costs reduced

·         Implemented electronic pipe tally

·         IADC based reporting

·         Customizable and expandable to meet bespoke requirements