Euromatic RigBentec_Special_Rig_WP

Euromatic Rig – innovative highly semi-automated land rig customized
for sensitive and challenging application. The high degree of innovation
already addresses future demands for automated and remote rig operation.

  • Box-on-box type substructure
  • Freestanding mast
  • Segmented mast sections, erected by crane
  • Innovative mechanized pipe handling
  • Entirely remote operation from drillers’ cabin
  • Hands-off philosophy
  • Noise-reduced equipment and rig components made by Bentec
  • Mechanical and electrical components fully integrated by Bentec
  • Air-operated mud treatment system
  • Less NPT with Bentec Top Drive
  • Field-approved equipment
  • DIN EN, CE, SIL, ATEX certified equipment
  • HAZOP risk assessment
  • CE equipment


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Modular Offshore Rig

Rating: 2 500 hp / 500 t
Static hook load: 1 100 000 lbs @ 14 lines / 500 t
Design drilling depth: 30 000 ft / 9 144 m

  • Modular concept according customer requirements
  • Complies with strict environmental regulations
  • Module dimensions and weights specific for offshore installation
  • Drilling support module as a multiple lift design
  • Mud plant and mud pump house installed on the seawall
  • Floor base of 900 m²
  • Field-approved equipment


Bentec Euromatic Rig – Automated Land Rig