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Electrical Drilling Rig Equipment:

High performance electrical equipment and advanced control systems

Many years of experience have led Bentec to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality drilling rig solutions and best-in-class drilling rig components. Bentec’s headquarters are located in Bad Bentheim, Germany, with an additional production and service facilitiy in Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman.

As a fully vertical integrated systems provider, Bentec offers a unique combination of resources. This, together with our industry experience and expertise, enables us to deliver customer-focused drilling solutions that include the design, engineering and manufacture of fully customized drilling rigs, all types of mechanical drilling equipment and all electrical drilling and control systems. As a result, Bentec rigs successfully operate in all of the world’s major oil and gas fields.

Bentec’s highly sophisticated electrical equipment and control systems are perfectly aligned with both external and company-own mechanical products and standards. The Bentec Power Control Rooms and Control Systems, including all required VFD and SCR Systems for main drives, were developed by Bentec. Bentec infoDrill is our drilling information and data management system.

Bentec’s software products Soft Torque and Soft Pump were developed in collaboration with some of our our clients and set a new industry standard for Top Drive and Mud Pump Controls. All our products are developed in-house with the aim of achieving best-in-class status, increasing drilling efficiency, exceeding health, safety and environmental targets, and maximizing value for customers and life cycle economics. Our rigs can be certified according to API, ATEX, GOST and other standards.

One of Bentec’s core competencies and main USPs is our fully integrated approach. This enables us to put together rig packages, which include the installation of all drilling systems, and to deliver comprehensive, qualified rig solutions. Bentec’s best-in-class drilling solutions help to reduce our customers’ cost of ownership due to their highest quality standards and efficiency “Made in Germany”.

All main components in our electrical systems have been developed in-house on the basis of Bentec’s engineering, manufacturing and service expertise, and are field-proven.


Bentec Solutions:

• Design, engineering and manufacture of fully customized drilling rigs including Rig Masts and Substructures
• Full range of mechanical drilling equipment
• Main electrical drilling and control systems
• 24 / 7 field support service
• Repair and overhauling
• Spare parts supply and logistics
• Rig and equipment upgrades
• Re-certification
• System integration and commissioning
• Global project management


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