Euro Rigs are among the most modern European land drilling rigs. These modular rigs are designed to meet the special requirements of the European market. The Euro Rig has CE equipment, HAZOP risk assessment, is API or DIN EN and ATEX-certified and built in compliance with the latest European regulations.

The box-on-box substructure enables efficient rig moves on European roads with standard trucks. The small footprint of 40 x 55 meters reduces pad construction costs significantly.

The modular substructure consists of four sub-boxes and three drill floor parts. These boxes are used to house noise emitting components, such as the centralized hydraulic power unit. The integration of drilling equipment in substructure boxes and on drill floor parts significantly reduces the rig move times, since the equipment remains installed and internally connected during road transport.

The vertical lift mast consists of three units with an A-frame. The dimensions of the main mast parts are reduced to European road transport limits. Integrated hydraulic cylinder lift the vertical mast. There are no exceptional road permits required, except for the drawworks and mud pumps.

The containerized substructure, vertical lift mast, modularized mud tank system and optimized transport units make it possible to move the Euro Rig within five days with approx. 55 truckloads only over a distance of 80 km. The skiddable Euro Rigs are engineered with a fast-move philosophy. The rig can optionally be manufactured with skidding system or a walking system.

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