Saves fuel and reduces 
maintenance costs 


Bentec’s optiGEN is smart software that automatically controls the diesel driven generators on drilling rigs. On a standard rig, the operator has to start/stop the diesel generators, on the advice of the driller and according to the generator’s utilization. This leads to disproportionally higher usage of generators, resulting in greater fuel consumption, emissions and running hours.


The optiGEN system allows the rig crew to focus on drilling operations without having to continuously monitor generator control. The optiGEN controls the generators automatically, according to the load of the rig consumers.




If the load increases under certain various parameters, the optiGEN starts and brings a generator online. If the load decreases, the system works in the opposite way. This means that the generators work very efficiently, not only saving fuel, but protecting diesel generator hardware, to reduce maintenance costs.


In the case of overloaded diesel generators, optiGEN limits the power consumption of the main drives to prevent costly, time intensive blackouts.


·         Reduces fuel consumption by 5%, due to peak shaving and automatic
          start/stop, according to utilization

·         Secures a constant base load, which saves up to 15% in repair costs.

·         Reduces emissions by 25%, due to optimal utilization.

·         Prevents costly, time intensive blackouts.

·         Enables maintenance of generators within definable schedules

·         Active synchronization enables 80% faster startup of generators