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Drilling Integrity & Optimization Systems

At Bentec, we´re proud to be one of the world´s leading manufacturers of drilling rigs. Alongside our high quality rigs, our portfolio includes world-class mechanical and electrical equipment and systems.

Now we have brought our years of experience and expertise to bear in BentecIOS (Integrity and Optimization Systems) - our superb range of intelligent software applications and solutions, all designed to deliver optimized drilling performance on demand.

Used in combination with existing Bentec equipment or other existing hardware, BentecIOS is proven to maximize rig and equipment uptime, increase safety, improve ROP and can offer earlier well delivery. 

Let us show you how BentecIOS can enhance your drilling operations:  

Drilling Integrity Systems

Describes the product range which is essential to operate a rig or keeps the utilization rate of a rig as high as possible


o   infoDRILL

o   rigCARE

o   antiCOLLISION System

Drilling Optimization Systems

Describes the product range to provide direct value in hard $ to customers and operators.






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