Health, Safety & Environment

It is a primary concern of the Bentec Management to ensure the health and safety of personnel and to conserve the environment. Bentec strives for safe, effective and trouble-free operations that cause no harm to people and the environment. It is our responsibility to identify and implement appropriate measures – for every customer to be able to rely on high-quality products and equipment operated by highly skilled staff valuing and prioritising HSE. For this, Bentec defined all duties, areas of authority and responsibilities for itself and its contractors, making HSE an integral part of the company’s philosophy and general rules of operation.

Our goal is to avoid accidents, health problems and environmental damages. It is based on the philosophy to identify and control all potential causes of risks, and to eliminate all unacceptable hazards. Bentec has set main objectives for itself and its contractors.

Quality – the key to success

To satisfy our clients’ ever increasing needs and requirements, Bentec is committed to delivering systems for oil, gas and geothermal drilling that comply with the highest technical and performance standards.

Hence, we are focused on being a trusted partner to all interested parties, on complying with national and international standards, and on fulfilling the own high demands specified in Bentec’s quality statement.