Customer Drive, field proven drilling equipment with the highest uptime.

As a systems provider Bentec offers a comprehensive range of major rig equipment. One of Bentec’s core competencies is our fully integrated approach. This enables us to put together rig packages, which include the installation of all drilling systems and to deliver comprehensive, qualified rig solutions.
Bentec’s best-in-class drilling solutions help to reduce our customers’ cost of ownership as our highest quality standards and efficiency are “Made in Germany”.

Always ready for your business

Bentec offers an exceptionally wide range of high-grade mechanical drilling equipment and an extensive selection of exclusive features, thus facilitating lowest non-productive-time and lowest total cost of ownership.
Bentec possesses an unparalleled capability in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and aftermarket service for a wide variety of drilling systems and equipment.

We deliver high-grade mechanical drilling equipment such as Top Drives, Drawworks, Drive Systems, Mud Pumps and Mud Treatment Equipment.

Connected to Success

Bentec – perfectly synchronized electrical drilling systems. Highly sophisticated electrical equipment and control systems that are perfectly aligned with our mechanical products and manufactured in strict compliance with our high standards.
The Bentec Power Control Rooms and Control Systems, including all required VFD and SCR Systems for main drives, were developed by Bentec. Bentec infoDRILL is our drilling information and data management system.

Bentec’s software products Soft Torque and Soft Pump were developed in collaboration with some of our clients and set a new industry standard for Top Drive and Mud Pump Controls. All our products are developed in-house with the aim of achieving best-in-class status, increasing drilling efficiency, exceeding health, safety and environmental targets, and maximizing value for customers and life cycle economics.