Reduces maintenance costs by eliminating
damaging high-pressure pulses


The Bentec optiPUMP is designed to smooth the output pressure of up to four mud pumps. It synchronizes the timing of the piston strokes and eliminates uncoordinated high-pressure peaks. The resulting, continuous low-peak pressure amplitude extends the lifespan of every part of the mud equipment such as mud pumps, high-pressure piping and pressure pulsation dampeners. This in turn, minimizes maintenance and significantly reduces repair costs.


The continuous mudflow also enables easy analysis of mud pressure pulsation signals from the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) or Logging While Drilling (LWD) tools.



optiPUMP allows the driller to control all mud pumps by using just one knob, for precise and fast SPM adjustments. In this parallel mode, the slave pumps follow the speed reference of the master pump. The Bentec optiPUMP is either controlled by human machine interface or can be integrated into a Bentec infoDRILL system, to show stroke counters and failure messages. It also allows the driller to set predefined numbers of strokes, to pump precisely calculated mud volumes into the borehole.


The Bentec optiPUMP is available for all electric driven mud pumps and is easy to retrofit in existing systems.


·         Increased lifespan of high pressure piping and equipment

·         Reduced vibrations within the mud pump’s mechanical parts

·         Improved MWD / LWD

·         Offers a stable and balanced, high pressurised flow