Safe operations – thanks to Bentec’s training excellence

Our service comprises in-depth training to enable you to operate Bentec Rigs safely and efficiently, and quickly recognise and respond appropriately to abnormal or emergency conditions.
Strengthen your operational excellence and equipment integrity – our highly experienced and skilled trainers are happy to share their expertise with you and guide your crew on their way to success.

Standard training programme

Bentec’s standard training programme has been developed to deliver the most suitable training for your staff.

It covers all aspects of any potential training requirements, allowing you or your crew to safely and successfully operate and maintain your Bentec Rig or individual items of equipment.

Our training services are available in German, English and Russian languages.


Flexible solutions

In addition to the established standard training sessions held at Bentec’s Training Centre in Bad Bentheim, every training session can be adapted to your individual needs.

You can book either single courses or complete packages.

We can also assess, train or assist your staff on site at your location, with “hands-on” training to further enhance valuable know-how and information for safe and efficient Operating Routines.

All the training Bentec offers is flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Bentec’s training approach

Bentec’s standard courses can be delivered at our own Training Centre or at any other suitable venue around the globe. Simply inform us about your desired location and we will identify and provide advice on all possibilities.

Our Training Centre is located within our headquarters in Bad Bentheim, Germany. It provides a welcoming learning environment and is conveniently situated close to our production facility. Lunch and refreshments are included and will be provided throughout the training.

Various simulators, for example a full-size Mud Pump Model and a Drillers Console Simulator as well as VFD, PLC, ACS and infoDRILL simulators provide valuable “hands-on” training for an unparalleled training experience. Realistic scenarios can be simulated allowing participants to learn at their own pace, without being exposed to safety risks or causing any costly delays to the drilling operation. Our programme includes several courses that require non-portable simulators and therefore are preferably conducted at our facility in Bad Bentheim.

Bentec’s courses are designed in such a way that the course content matches the daily challenges of the specific personnel involved. Therefore, we organise our training groups to match the profession of the participants. Find the right training for you by simply choosing one of the boxes!

On-site training

Offering flexible training solutions, Bentec is able to conduct various courses at your site or, in fact, at virtually any venue of your choice.

This option allows participants to first learn the necessary theoretical basics, which are then directly translated into the hands-on training with the actual equipment on site.

For you and your crew to benefit most from this training, this approach requires access to the equipment and a suitable, quiet training room offering a productive learning environment.

On-site training is perfect for those who want to focus on solutions to specific situations and challenges they have to face during their daily routine. However, this training option is also ideal as a follow-up to complement and intensify classroom training or as a refresher for previously trained personnel.

Simply contact our Training Manager to discuss the options that best suit you.

Start-up support

Take advantage of Bentec’s on-site assistance immediately after spud-in, allowing our technicians to support your staff to ensure that your rig or equipment is operated and maintained correctly.

This special support can be provided to all professions on site.

Based on our best practice experience with completely new systems, we recommend training your crew in the classroom first and then in a practical session.

Increase the safety and minimise the risk of downtimes – only well trained personnel can act effectively and safely.

Simply contact our Training Manager to find out the best options for you.

Training Contact

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