Rig Walking System

Bentec Rig Walking System for moving mast and substructure in any direction with full setback.


Available models:

• RWS-300-EXT


Unique Features

• Simplified moving system reduces maintenance significantly
• Walking speed 46 ft/hr (14 m/hr)
• The rig can walk in 20 different directions within 360°
• Lifting capacity of 661 387 lbs (300 t) per unit
• Total lift capacity of 2 645 547 lbs (1 200 t)
• Wireless remote control console
• Compatible with widest range of rig designs
• Integration with rig hydraulic power unit possible
• Compact design
• Climate range: -45 °C to +55 °C
• HSE improvement/risk assessment
• CE and ATEX conformity

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Bentec’s Rig Walking System provides a solution for reducing rig-moving times on multi-well applications.
The move of the complete rig to the next well thus requires less cranes and manpower.

Compatible with a wide range of rig designs, our Rig Walking System can be adapted to both existing and new-built rigs.
It consists of four units, which are secured directly to the substructure.

The lift and slide system is operated by hydraulic cylinders to move the rig – including drill floor equipment and full setback –to the desired position step by step. The Bentec Rig Walking System features a reliable and robust design “Made in Germany” and is ideal for drilling rigs on pad drilling or cluster well operations.

The system is controlled via a remote control console and can be operated with the existing rig hydraulic power unit. If required, a separate hydraulic power unit is also available.The Bentec Rig Walking System complies with the latest European and international standards, maintaining highest levels of HSE.


Technical Data

Length: 108 in (2 733 mm)
Width: 101 in (2 570 mm)
Height: 72 in (1 828 mm)
Weight: (approx.) 30 967 lbs (14 500 kg)
Total lifting capacity: 2 645 547 lbs (1 200 t)
Lifting capacity per unit: 661 387 lbs (300 t)
Max. walk speed: 46 ft/hr (14 m/hr)
Max. lifting height: 5.9 in (150 mm)
Max. travelling path: 19.7 in (500 mm)
Rotation: 360 °/20 directions
Stand area per unit: 6 820 in² (4.4 m²)
Max. working pressure: 2 466 psi (170 bar)
Volumetric flow: 63.4 gpm (240 l/min)
Max. surface load: 14 620 lb/ft² (700 kN/m²)
Max. ground irregularity: 0.4 in/32 ft (10 mm/10 m)