Iron Roughneck  

The Bentec Iron Roughneck is built to maximise the efficiency of pipe handling operations.
It provides a safe and versatile alternative to conventional pipe connection techniques for
make-up/break-out operations.


Available models

•  IR-100 (local control panel / 8 ft reach)
•  IR-100-Remote (remote control panel / 8 ft reach)                                                                        

•  IR-120 (local control panel / 12 ft reach)                                                                                                                                         
•  IR-120-Remote (remote control panel / 12 ft reach) 


Unique Features

•  fastest cycle time down to 32 seconds per cycle
•  simplified electric-over-hydraulic system requires up to 60 % less hydraulics
•  precise torque measurement, dynamic clamping system
•  torque Readout System for automatic make-up/break-out operations
•  hydraulically powered and electrically controlled unit
•  E-Torque List – an electronic recording and storage tool
•  central lubrication system
•  spin out sensor
•  interchangeable with competitors’ iron roughnecks
•  available for onshore and offshore rigs
•  Compact design
•  HSE improvements due to automatic positioning
•  CE & ATEX conform


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Max. make-up torque: 100 000 ft - lbs / 135 600 Nm
Max. break-out torque: 120 000 ft - lbs / 162 700 Nm
Spinner - max. speed with 5" DP: 100 rpm
Spinner - max. speed with 5" DP: 3 000 ft - lbs / 4 070 Nm
Tool joint connection O.D. range: 3 1/8" to 9 3/4"
Ambient temperature: -4°F to +131°F / -20°C to +55°C
Min. working pressure: 2 500 psi/ 172 bar
Max. working pressure: 3 046 psi / 210 bar
Hydraulic flow rate: 55 gpm / 207 l/min
Max. horizontal Travel (reach): 8 ft / 2.438 mm   -   12 ft / 3.658 mm

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Over the past 40 years, Bentec has developed an impressive portfolio of automated tubular running operations in order to build more robust and reliable Iron Roughneck that reduce both downtime and maintenance.

The Iron Roughneck is available in two versions. The basic design is simple and robust for safe drilling operations. This design includes all essential functions for making up and breaking out tool joint connections.

The premium design is operated electrically or hydraulically. It includes automation features like the Positioning System, and Torque Readout System for partly or fully automated make/break operations.

The compact dimensions of the Bentec Iron Roughneck make it easy to install in existing and new rigs. The design allows for easy interchangeability with competitors’ Iron Roughnecks.

Both Bentec iron roughneck versions are developed for use as a portable unit on land rigs or permanent installation on offshore rigs. The system is powered by the existing rig hydraulic power unit. A separate hydraulic power unit is also available.

Bentec’s Iron Roughnecks comply with the latest European CE design standards, ATEX standards, and international API standards to maintain the highest level of industry safety.


Iron Roughneck Performance Options  

• remote control console from drillers cabin
• wireless control console
• E-Torque List (export of make-up torque values)
• central lubrication system
• spin out sensor
• hydraulic power unit
• low-temperature kit
• transport skid
• spare part packages