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Special Rigs

Bentec is a specialist in designing and manufacturing customized solutions tailored to your individual requirements.
Our engineers continue to develop innovative drilling rig systems that can withstand any environmental challenge.

Euromatic Rig

Euromatic Rig – innovative highly semi-automated land rig customized for sensitive and challenging application. The high degree of innovation already addresses future demands for automated and remote rig operation.

  • Box-on-box type substructure
  • Freestanding mast
  • Segmented mast sections, erected by crane
  • Innovative mechanized pipe handling
  • Entirely remote operation from drillers’ cabin
  • Hands-off philosophy
  • Noise-reduced equipment and rig components made by Bentec
  • Mechanical and electrical components fully integrated by Bentec
  • Air-operated mud treatment system
  • Less NPT with Bentec Top Drive
  • Field-approved equipment
  • DIN EN, CE, SIL, ATEX certified equipment
  • HAZOP risk assessment
  • CE equipment


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Modular Offshore Rig

Rating: 2 500 hp / 500 t
Static hook load: 1 100 000 lbs @ 14 lines / 500 t
Design drilling depth: 30 000 ft / 9 144 m

  • Modular concept according customer requirements
  • Complies with strict environmental regulations
  • Module dimensions and weights specific for offshore installation
  • Drilling support module as a multiple lift design
  • Mud plant and mud pump house installed on the seawall
  • Floor base of 900 m²
  • Field-approved equipment