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Bentec launches new software application & solutions 


At Bentec, we are proud to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling rigs. Alongside our high quality rigs, our portfolio includes excellent mechanical and electrical equipment and systems.

Now we have brought our years of experience and expertise to bear in IOS - Integrity & Optimization Systems - our superb range of intelligent software applications and solutions, all designed to deliver optimized drilling performance on demand.


IOS - Integrity & Optimization Systems is the new brand name for our range of innovative software applications & solutions and divided into two pillars:

  • Drilling Integrity Systems
    Describes the product range which is essential to operate a rig or keeps the utilization rate of a rig as high as possible
    • infoDRILL
    • rigCARE
    • anti-COLLISION System
  • Drilling Optimization Systems
    Describes the product range to provide direct value in hard $ to customers and operators.optiTORQUE
    • optiTORQUE
    • optiSLIDE
    • optiDRILL
    • optiPUMP
    • optiGEN

Used in combination with existing Bentec equipment or other existing hardware, IOS is proven to maximize rig and equipment uptime, increase safety, improve ROP and can offer earlier well delivery.


Let us show you how Bentec IOS can enhance your drilling operations and do not hesitate to contact us:    





Bentec Delivers its First Ever BOP Closing Unit

“Continuously striving to broaden our product portfolio by designing leading edge products which eliminate interfaces and provide maximum value for our customers.”

Driven by this mantra, Bentec entered into the well control business – first by obtaining the API-16D Licence, and then by developing and manufacturing its first ever BOP closing unit.

This project began in 2016 when Bentec looked into how it could add BOP closing units into its product range and become more independent from other OEM’s when building rigs, whilst at the same time offering them as replacements on existing rigs at a competitive cost. 

In 2017 the manufacture of Bentec’s first ever BOP Closing Unit was completed and having gone through an in-depth design validation process which was audited by API, the unit successfully received its licence.

Since then Bentec has gone on to build a further six BOP Closing Units. These will form part of the new rigs that will be delivered to our clients in Poland and the Ukraine later this year and throughout 2019.

Commenting on the latest addition to the Bentec product range, Bentec Chief Operating Officer, Arend  Lödden said:” Being a one-stop shop for our customers was and always is our aim. With the completion of our first closing unit, we have moved a step closer to achieving this.”

BOP Closing Unit

New contract with Ukraine Public Joint Stock Company

New contract with Ukraine Public Joint Stock Company “UkrGasVydobuvannya” to supply five drilling rigsworth approximately $110 million

Bentec, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling rigs and oilfield equipment, today announces that it has been awarded a contract by Ukraine Public Joint Stock Company “UkrGasVydobuvannya” (UGV) to supply 5 drilling rigs, with a hook load capacity of 450 tonnes, for delivery over the next 18 months. The total value of the contract is approximately $110 million.

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Key Milestone in Company Development: Bentec Breaks into US Market

Bentec appoints new distributor, CAN Global USA, Inc. and secures major contract award by Xtreme Drilling Corp. for three equipment packages for the upgrade of tree 850XE rigs .

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Congratulations: Ten Years of LLC Bentec in Tyumen

Perfected production localisation: 200 highly skilled Russian employees headed by young Russian managers enjoy confidence of
customers in Russia and CIS.

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Bentec Discloses: Company-Own BOP Closing Unit Soon to Come

Bentec expands its range of equipment by a Blowout Preventer (BOP) Closing Unit: awaiting the API 16D licensing, the company currently plans the prototype manufacture.

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Intelligent Diversification

Bentec offers its extensive expertise in switchboard engineering and construction and modern manufacturing
facilities to other non-oilfield sectors.

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Being on the Safe Side with Bentec Service Loops

Bentec’s Service Loops feature unique wire insulation and connectors to ensure safe, failure-free and easy handling.

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Bentec Again Proves its Competence: Drilling Rig Upgrades for
Modified Operating Conditions

Bentec turned a 320-ton Stationary Rig into a 320-ton single-train Cluster Slider Rig, while keeping the changes to the existing equipment
as little as possible.

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Extensive brownfield services by Bentec

From recertification to comprehensive overhauls, Bentec maintains your rigs’ safety and functionality in a customised way – for you to benefit from
longer rig life times.

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Bentec Delivers Power Control Room for Siemens’ eHighway

Siemens has chosen Bentec to manufacture a Power Control Room container to feed the catenary system of the eHighway demonstration project in Sweden. The 40-feet container will be completely planked with timber.

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