Bentec Discloses: Company-Own BOP Closing Unit Soon to Come

First prototype currently planned

Used to seal, control and monitor wells, Blowout Preventer (BOPs) Closing Units are extremely important and significant to ensure the safety of the rig crew members, the environment and the rig itself. And now, Bentec has added this safety-related equipment part to its portfolio.

The development started in January 2016, two feasibility studies were carried out, and the API Spec 16D audit took place. Awaiting the licensing, the company currently plans the manufacture of the first prototype.

Banking on substantial experience

As part of the BOP control system, the Closing Unit’s main role is to provide hydraulic power to operate the BOP stack, which subsequently provides a mechanical barrier that seals the well in case of a well control situation.

Moreover, thanks to the unit’s pressure storage cylinders, it is still able to operate and close the borehole in the event of a rig power breakdown. Having maintained and repaired many of the competitors’ BOP Closing Units, Bentec has gained relevant experience with this part and simply knows what aspects to pay attention to.

German engineering at a competitive price

High and thorough quality is important in the drilling business. The oil industry’s tense situation, however, puts increasing pressure on rig operators.

Bentec’s speciality is to offer German high-quality engineering at a price that is – especially when comparing the products’ performance – lower than those of many competitors. And also with the new BOP Closing Unit Bentec is truly living up to the company’s motto: Reliable. Safe. Efficient.