Congratulations: Ten Years of LLC Bentec in Tyumen

Russia-based subsidiary surely a reason to be proud

When founding its subsidiary – LLC Bentec Drilling and Oilfield Systems – in Tyumen, Russia in 2006, Bentec’s aim was to build a facility to manufacture and service drilling rigs in Russia and the countries of CIS. So much for the plan.

Now, ten years later, LLC Bentec is a 200-employee company that delivers class-leading, safe and efficient products and German quality “made in Russia”. 26 rigs and 75 Top Drives of Bentec are currently in operation in Russia, where they prove their high efficiency and reliability under harshest environmental conditions: non-productive times (NPT) and total cost of ownership (TCO) of Bentec products are the lowest in the Russian oilfield business.

Production localisation in the true sense of the word

LLC Bentec was built from scratch. Thus, we were able to create a facility concept with a technologically optimal production sequence. The fully-fledged workshop of 11 000 square meters comprises modern high-performance welding, coating, mechanical equipment, lifting devices and automotive equipment.

Headed by young Russian managers, the highly-motivated employees strive for providing highly efficient oilfield rigs and equipment tailored to customer specifications: based on the design provided by the parent company in Germany, the designing engineers in Tyumen develop the shop drawing for the production. The Russian team manages the entire rig production cycle including commissioning on the drilling pad.

Best-in-class after-sales service

LLC Bentec’s after-sales service comprises and ensures the complete technical support to all Bentec products operated in Russia and CIS. Offering a 24/7 hotline and all common spare parts, the 30-head team of highly skilled service specialists are capable of providing quick troubleshoots in case of breakdowns.

In the future, LLC Bentec will continue to expand the high quality of after-sales services and strengthen its market position by introducing new solutions and further localise the production for Russia and CIS.