Extensive brownfield services by Bentec

Extend the life time of your rig – in a safe and sustainable way

The longer the life time of a drilling rig, the higher the return on investment. However, ageing of a rig is not only about rig structures, pipework and how old the equipment is.

It is also about control and instrumentation, software, skills and competencies. And above all, about safety and integrity, so to protect employees, the public and the environment.

This is where Bentec comes into play. The company’s comprehensive offering of brownfield services extends the life time of your drilling rig, maintaining its up-to-dateness, integrity and safe functionality. And even more: Bentec also revives idle rigs.

From recertification to overhaul – everything you can imagine is possible

The vertically integrated systems provider from Germany offers the upgrade of existing facilities as complete solution including feasibility study, engineering, fabrication, implementation, commissioning and documentation or as customised partial solution.

Bentec’s brownfield services at a glance:
•recertification (API CAT III & IV inspection),


These services are available for all onshore and offshore rigs and equipment of all brands, and are delivered with supervision of local contractors.

By the way: to ensure a long and safe rig operation, continuous staff education and training is also a must. Geared towards operational excellence, Bentec offers an elaborate training programme to ensure that Bentec’s rigs are operated in the safest and most efficient way.

Find out what we can do for your rig and staff. Simply contact solutions@bentec.com.