Slip lifter

The Bentec hydraulic slip lifter, SL-1500-FN, aims to promote efficient operations through reducing equipment handling to ultimately improve rig floor safety. 


Key benefits

  • Safety improvements - personnel removed from Red Zone
  • Hands-off philosophy
  • Ease of installation
  • Fully compatible with other market solutions
  • Field-proven design
  • Speeds up tubular handling process
  • Operated remotely by driller
  • Component parts easily exchangeable


Developed in conjunction with specific customer needs, the slip lifter, SL-1500-FN is fully compatible with all market solutions, enabling use of existing control systems.

Equipped with interchanegable fork head mounting units, skidding plate and slip stabbing/adaptor gudies to easily conform to various sizes of tubulars: slips, drill pipes and casings used.

As part of Kenera's approach to rig automation, the SL-1500-FN can be hydraulically operated remotely from the drillers cabin or safely positioned on the drill floor.

The slip lifter is suitable for all land and offshore rigs.


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Technical Data Bentec SL-1500-SL



Length: 41-2/3" / 1,056mm

Width: 27-7/8" / 708mm

Height: 17-1/3" / 440mm


441 lbs/ 200 kg
Min. handling dia.

2 3/8" / 60mm (min.)

Max. handling dia.  

7 5/8" / 194mm (max.)
Ambient temperature:

-20°C to +55°C 
Lifting capacity

1,500lb / 680kg

Suitable for master bushings

37-1/2" & 27-1/2"

Locking device Master bushing drive pins @
25-3/4" pin circle