Pipe Guide Arm

The Bentec Pipe Guide Arm is specially designed to improve the HSE level of
onshore and offshore rigs by reducing hands-on tubular handling.


Unique Features

• HSE improvement – individuals are kept out of harm’s way
• Teachable stabbing function & positioning
• Climate range: -45°C to +45°C
• Available for arctic & desert environments
• Suitable for onshore or offshore rigs
• API 4F / 7K / API monogrammed
• CE & ATEX conformity
• Increases hands-off operation during vertical pipe handling



Bentec combined its experience from 20 years of commissioning, maintaining, and repairing
drilling equipment to develop a more reliable, robust, and service-friendly product for safe
drilling operations. The Bentec Pipe Guide Arm is precisely tuned to the needs of our customers.

The pipe guide arm is designed exclusively for use on deep drilling rigs. It guides the drill pipe
or casing from the handover position at the V-door to the center of the well, but can also be arranged
to move the drill pipe from the center of the well back to the handover position at the V-door.

The Bentec Pipe Guide Arm is moved via a hydraulic and telescopic cylinder. It is specially designed for rough conditions and provides a higher HSE level.
Hands-on manipulation of the tubes is no longer necessary: The pipe guide arm significantly reduces possible accidents according to IADC Safety Statistics Report.

The pipe guide arm is suitable for all onshore and offshore rigs.

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Technical Data Bentec PGA-20-3000



3 086 lbs / 1.4 t
Min. length:

228 in / 5 800 mm
Max. length:

327 in / 8295 mm

23 in / 580 mm

27 in / 695 mm
Min. pipe handling diameter:   
2 7/8 in / 73 mm
Max. pipe handling diameter:                  
20 in / 508 mm
Max. drillpipe weight:

6 614 lbs / 3.0 t
Ambient temperature:

-49 °F to +113 °F / -45 °C to +45 °C*