Mud Bucket

Bentec MUD BUCKET preventing mud fluid spills on drill floor - fully remote or manual controlled
with the crew kept out of harm’s way.

The Bentec Mud Bucket is a hydraulically or manually operated safety system, which prevents
mud spills on the drill floor during wet trips or breaking out drillpipe connections.

The simplified design is flexible and fits into any drill floor arrangement. The Mud Bucket is a
fixed installation on the drill floor, diverting the mud via hoses or integrated pipework back into
the mud sump. The standard system is manually operated but is also available with full remote
control, thus keeping your crew out of harm’s way.

The slewing range can be integrated into Bentec, or any other rig, Zone Management System
preventing collisions with other drilling equipment that is in motion.


Key Features & Benefits 

·   Occupies minimal space in its park position

·   Seal kits are suitable to the pipe diameter, reducing spills to a minimum extend - plus seal kits can be changed quickly

·   Hydraulically remote controlled or manually operated

·   Integrated mud return line or seperate mud return line via hoses

·   Environmentally friendly due to significantly less mud spills on the drill floor

·   Remote operation - the crew is kept out of harm’s way during mud bucket operation

·   Automatic operation from a remote control console or drillers cabin with adjustable slewing speeds

·   Reduces crew work and fatigue caused by continuous handling of a manual mud buckets

·   The design avoids all pinch point

·   Fully integratable into a zone management system to prevent collisions with other equipment in motion


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