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Hydraulic Cathead

Rig floor equipment for smooth
and adjustable make-up loads.

Unique Features

  • Remote control module enables pressure regulation
  • Cylinder operation from a safe and convenient location on the rig
  • Simple hydraulic circuit ensures trouble free performance
  • Simplified design allows long time between maintenance intervals
  • Climate range: -40°C to +55°C
  • Suitable for artic and desert environment
  • Suitable for onshore and offshore rigs
  • CE conformity
  • ATEX conformity on request


This useful rig floor equipment provides smooth, adjustable make-up loads. Due to its hydraulic operation, the Bentec Hydraulic Cathead eliminates electrical hazards. The system can be powered by an independent hydraulic power unit or integrated into a centralized hydraulic power unit.

The pulling force provided by the Bentec Hydraulic Cathead ensures correct and sufficient make-up and break-out torque for drill pipe, drill collars, bit connection, or other applications.

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Model HC-31.5
Max. line pull:31 500 lbs140 kN
Max. line speed:0.5 ft / sec0.15 m / sec
Line stroke:4.92 in1 500 mm
Wireline diameter:7/8 in22 mm
Hydraulic working pressure:2 030 PSI140 bar
Hydraulic flow:26.4 gpm100 l / min
Operation angle of pivot arm in degrees:25° – each side
Length:32.3 in821 mm
Width:19.7 in500 mm
Height:84.6 in2 000 mm
Weight less optional equipment:2 535 lbs1 150 kg