Bentec BOP Closing Unit

BOP Closing Unit are modular & compact with flexible control solutions to meet customers´expectations.

Driven by innovation and quality to set new industry standards, Bentec manufactures an extensive range of BOP CONTROL SYSTEMS, or
BOP CLOSING UNITS designed for reliable performance and simplified
Its components are modular and easily exchanged with standard components to meet customer specifications. The BOP CONTROL SYSTEM uses
nitrogen-based pre-charged accumulator bottles, hydraulic fluids and
electric / air based pumps to generate the pressure to serve different BOP Stack configurations.
Bentec also offers a wide range of remote control solutions, again meeting any customer requirements. Bentec benefits from high-end quality certification,
such as ISO 9001 & API 16D License to deliver the best value
BOP Closing Unit to our customers.




Features & Benefits

·         Flexible Configuration serving all land rig and non-subsea offshore drilling configurations

·         Modular Design simplifies maintenance and reduces the total cost of ownership

·         Triple controls redundancy

·         ATEX Zone I / Class I DIV I for Remote Controls

·         Rated for extreme environment such as arctic or desert

·         Decades of field-proven reliability in drilling equipment with industry-leading service life

·         Several Pump options enable planning flexibility for customers:
                           Pneumatic Driven Oil Pump & Electric Driven Triplex Oil Pump
                           2x Electric Driven Triplex Oil Pump

·         Various Remote Console Solutions to meet specific customer preferences:
                           Push Button hard-wired (Standard)
                           HMI Touchscreen hardwired PLC
                           Electric Pneumatic Remote Controls (for units with pneumatic & electric driven pumps)
                           Electric Hydraulic Remote Controls (for units with two electric driven pumps)

·         Basket Filter: cost efficient and environmental-protecting filtration system
                           Advanced oil filtration system extends Closing Unit life
                           Simplified oil filter maintenance


·         Additional Pressure Filter

·         Diverter System controls

·         Heavy duty Modular Oilfield Skid

·         Various Housing Options available
                           ISO Containerization 20ft or 30ft
                           Arrangement Side Door Access / Front Door Access
                           Sun Shed

·         Various Certifications available:
                           API 16D monogramming available to meet customers’ requirements
                           CE Certification
                           ATEX Zone 1 Certification for the closing unit


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