Variable Frequency Drive

Bentec Variable Frequency Drive is an own-developed adjustable AC motor drive
system for drilling machinery.


Available Power Range

• Up to 3 300 hp / 2 400 kW


Unique Features

• Bentec-own development
• Water or air-cooled compact system
• Available for onshore and offshore rigs
• Field-approved equipment
• Full load-tested
• Built-in cubicle solution
• Remote access



The Bentec Variable Frequency Drive is a state-of-the-art converter technology to meet
the special operational requirements on drilling units. Because it has been self-developed
by Bentec, the Variable Frequency Drive provides an absolutely reliable system for drilling applications.

The Bentec Variable Frequency Drive can be combined with the Bentec AC motor to create
a perfectly aligned configuration able to meet all high power drilling requirements on rigs.
Moreover, the system can also be adjusted to work with different types of motors such as
ABB, GEB 22, Reliance, etc.

All parameters of the Bentec Variable Frequency Drive can be accessed remotely. Therefore,
in the event of a failure, a service engineer can access the Bentec Variable Frequency Drive
for troubleshooting purposes. Each Bentec Variable Frequency Drive is full loadtested before

The Bentec Variable Frequency Drive is available as a water or air cooled version, and meets
all the requirements for operating main drives – such as top drives, drawworks, mudpumps,
rotary tables, etc. – on drilling rigs.

Bentec combines all of the experience it has gained from more than 30 years of developing
and enhancing power electronic systems to offer a highly reliable and field-proven Variable
Frequency Drive.


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Technical Data

Variable Frequency Drive

Supply voltage: 600 V / 690 V
Supply frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz or DC bus
Output voltage: 575 V / 600 V / 660 V
Output current: Up to 3 600 A