Power Control Room

Bentec Power Control Rooms are perfectly aligned AC or DC based power distribution
systems built from selfdeveloped main components and are designed for handling
rough drilling applications.


Unique Features

• Customized design and equipment
• Safe and reliable system
• Compact size
• Backup onboard air conditioning
• Own development of VFDs and SCRs
• Remote access
• Field approved equipment
• Configurable for either onshore or offshore rigs
• Available for either arctic and desert environments
• DNV GL and ATEX compliant
• Available for all rigs



Bentec is committed to manufacturing safe and reliable systems that provide all the power and control electronics needed to power up all of the electric units on a drilling rig. The Bentec Power Control Room provides a high-quality solution for electric distribution in the drilling business.

In addition to PLC controlled SCR or VFD units, the Bentec Power Control Room contains all of the required components such as a main switchboard, generator control, motor control center, small power distributions, and transformers to power up all of the electrical consumers on the rig. Each Power Control Room has a customized assembly due to differing customer requirements.

The modern dedicated assignment of the AC or DC drive units enables simultaneous use of all motors, avoiding contactors and switches. The container can be supplied either by the generator or grid container.

The main components such as the generator control, main switchboard, SCR and VFD units, etc. are Bentec’s own developments which ensure a perfectly aligned and highly reliable system with no interfaces to 3rd party equipment. All components are specially developed and field proved for harsh drilling environmental conditions. A special backup air conditioning system, developed by Bentec, ensures interruption-free operation in any environmental condition on earth.

On request, a remote access client can be installed in the Power Control Room. In case of failure, a Bentec service technician can log into the system and rectify the problem, wherever the operation is based in the world, without any need for travelling time.

A combination of the Bentec Power Control Room and other Bentec systems such as the Driller ’s Control room with
the infoDRILL, Anti Collision System , the Soft Tor que Rotar y System , and many more offers a perfectly aligned solution
for controlling and indicating all of the parameters on a drilling rig.

Our Generator Power Management System in combination with our regenerative drawwork braking control will assure the
best energy consumption in class for the safest and most economic operation of the rig.

Bentec has more than 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and commissioning power control rooms in every
conceivable environment on earth. This assures an absolutely safe, reliable and service-friendly product that is perfectly
aligned for use on both onshore and offshore drilling rigs.


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