Driller´s Control RoomBentec_Drillers_Control_Room

Safe and reliable system to control and indicate all of the rig application’s parameters.


Unique Features

• Custom-made solutions
• Plug & play connections
• Available for onshore and offshore rigs
• Available for arctic and desert environments
• ATEX zone 1 certified equipment
• Soundproofed security glass
• Field approved equipment
• Available for all drilling rigs



Bentec is committed to manufacturing safe and reliable systems that control and indicate all of the parameters on a drilling rig. The Bentec Driller’s Control Room provides a comfortable high-quality solution which is perfectly in line with the requirements of offshore and onshore drilling rigs.

The Bentec Driller’s Control Room is a custom-made solution which contains all of the control and indication instruments required for the specific application. A specially aligned air conditioner makes the Bentec Driller’s Control Room suitable for application in arctic and desert environments.

The Bentec Driller’s Control Room housing consists of top-grade stainless steel which requires no additional painting. The specially processed surface of the stainless steel ensures glare-free operation on the drill floor and inside the cabin. Special soundproofed security glass ensures maximum personnel safety and stress-free working.

Pluggable connections between the Power Control Room, the rig’s drilling equipment, and the Driller’s Control Room minimize rig move duration significantly.
The Bentec Driller’s Control Room can be retrofitted in existing drilling rigs. A combination of the Bentec Driller’s Control Room, Bentec Power Control Room , and Bentec infoDRILL system provides a perfect solution for indicating and handling all of the drilling rig’s parameters without interface problems.

Bentec combines all of the experience it has gained from more than 25 years of developing, commissioning, and enhancing drilling control and indication systems to manufacture the safe and reliable Bentec


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