Color Camera System

Bentec Color Camera Systems for safe and reliable rig monitoring.


Available cameras:

• Pan tilt zoom camera
• Zoom camera
• Dome camera
• Compact camera


Unique Features

• Complete overview of all drilling rig activities
• Four different camera types for all conceivable applications
• ATEX certified equipment
• Easy to retrofit
• Available for desert and arctic environments
• Available for onshore and offshore applications
• Field approved equipment



Bentec combines all of the experience it has gained from more than 15 years of manufacturing camera systems to develop an absolutely reliable and user-friendly Color Camera System which is optimized according to the requirements of the drilling industry.

The Bentec Color Camera System allows users to monitor the whole drilling rig from one central point and view places with limited visibility in a safe and reliable way.

Four different types of camera, the pan tilt zoom camera, the zoom camera, the dome camera, and the compact camera, allow users to adapt the system based on their desired application. Up to four cameras can be integrated into a single system. Customers can also request a customized version of the Bentec Color Camera System which incorporates more than four cameras.

The human machine interface is a state-of-the-art TFT touch-operated monitor. The cameras are either controlled via touch screen or function keys underneath the display. The operating software allows users to view two or four cameras at the same time when in split screen mode. The complete system is suitable for arctic temperatures and desert temperatures. The housing of each component is heated to prevent condensation.

The Bentec Color Camera System complies with the strictest standards for the drilling industry and is suitable for use in ATEX zone 1 which ensures maximum safety.


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