Battery Energy Storage System

For lower rig operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint  


Unique Features                                      

• Lithium Titanium Oxide Batteries (LTO) with fast 2C charging speed  
• Designed for harshest on- and offshore environment
• Easy handling on rig moves due to containerized design
• Black start capable
• Remote access allows 24/7 support by Bentec service engineers
• Designed, developed and fabricated by Bentec


Value-added benefits 

• Less fuel consumption
• Lower engine runtime reduces service intervals and spares
• Extended meantime between maintenance
• Reduction of CO2 emissions
• Lower rig noise emissions due to lower engine load
• Reduction of NOx emissions



Drilling contractors are forced to deal with low oil prices, low rig day rates and increasing governmental regulations pushing towards a lower carbon footprint.

The cutting edge Bentec Battery Energy Sto-rage System (BESS) enables drilling rigs to run either with fewer engines or with lower en-gine loads. This Hybrid Power Solution leads to significant engine runtime reductions and diesel savings which makes drilling rigs even more competitive and environmental friendly.Using the BESS technology has a direct positi-ve impact to operating costs and safeguards the rig for increasing environmental regulation in future markets.


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       BESS in rigs           BESS Industrial



Reduction of >8400ton CO2 in BESS' 20 Years Lifetime: 
Four diesel generators compared to three diesel generators + BESS: 


> 1,000,000,000                                   > 9,000,000                                          > 20,000,000

Smartphones charging cycles                      Pounds of coal burned                                Miles driven by an average passenger car