Bentec Cable Chain



Bentec´s Cable Chain is characterised by its unique multi-directional flexibility in a compact and robust design, safely and securely guiding various cables in suspended applications.
Expertise gainded from producing 800 Service Loops for various Top Drives, Bentec has made an innovative breakthrough to provide an alternative improvement over existing Service Loops and known Drag Chains.
Bentec´s Cable Chain is suitable for a wide range of applications in the oil, gas and geothermal industries.


Unique Features:

  • One combined chain instead of separate Power and Control Loops (OD 310mm/ 12.2”). Power and Control cables are routed through separate compartments
  • Simple design with only one identical plastic part secured to the Chain
  • Cables and hoses can move freely. No tension and less friction than in conventional Service Loops
  • Specially developed Cable Clamps, doubled up - relieving any Cable Strain
  • Compatible with standard Loop suspension and Saddles for simple replacement
  • Designed for harsh environments and extreme operating conditions
  • Suitable for on- and offshore installations with various Mast and Derrick designs
  • Wide temperature range from -45°C to + 55°C (-49°F - 131°F)
  • Advantages of a Drag Chain without the need of complex guidance and added advantage of flexibility in all directions
  • Variable adjustment for chain length at the Pigtail and Saddle or other Mast suspension solutions
  • Reduced bending radius



  • Simple installation, handling and maintenance reduces rig move times
  • Easy repair or replacement of individual components avoids replacing
    complete Loops
  • High availability reduces Rig operational costs
  • Capacity easily increased for additional cables and hoses in the future
  • Adjustable length allows simple conversion to different adapters and other Rigs
  • Visibility of cables and hoses supports preventive maintenance avoiding
    sudden failures and resulting NPT
  • Easy expandable with additional cables and hoses to avoid future replacements




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