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History & Milestones

A History of Success

Bentec continues to increase its production capacities, and extends its global service offering.

To complete its range and serve its customers as true one-stop shop for premium oilfield equipment Bentec launches its Pipe Guide Arm and Iron Roughneck.

First Bentec Top Drive in the North Sea: Bentec equips a satellite platform with its Top Drive 500 HT – an excellent opportunity for Bentec to prove its off-shore expertise.


Bentec starts to increase the production capacities in Germany.


A total of 55 Top Drives have been sold since Bentec began Top Drive production in late 2010. Based on this success and due to the increasing demand Bentec will further invest in increasing the capacity for this product line. To complement the existing product portfolio of a 350 ton and a 500 ton Top Drive model, Bentec has launched a newly designed 275 ton Top Drive.


The Euromatic Rig is build, an innovative automated land rig customized for sensitive and challenging application. The high degree of innovation already addresses future demands for automated and remote rig operation.


Bentec has sold fourteen Top Drive Systems to Algerian company Entreprise Nationale des Travaux aux Puits (ENTP).


Bentec launches the new Top Drive TD-500-HT. The Bentec Top Drive itself comes with a number of innovative features which reduces downtime and maintenance costs significantly.


Bentec invests more than 20 Mio. €  in Tyumen, Russia, to build up a new manufacturing facility.


Bentec establishes its subsidiary IDTEC Oman as an repair and maintenance partner to its customers in the Middle East.


Bentec Russia is established in Moscow.


The Scottish Abbot Group plc takes over Bentec, that stays an independent business within the Abbot Group.


Commissioning of the first western land operation in Turkmenistan. The rig is designed and manufactured by Bentec.


With regard to the importance of the Caspian Sea region, Bentec establishes a representative office in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.


Bentec opens its first branch office in Aberdeen, Scotland and one year later the branch office in Oslo, Norway is established. Soon Bentec becomes a trademark for first class rigs and drilling equipment.


DEUTAG sourced out its engineering and fabrication department and Bentec is founded.


100% of the company are taken by Preussag.


The company celebrates its 100th anniversary.


The first arctic operation starts in Spitzbergen.

1970s and 1980s

The company continues growing, especially in the Middle and the Far East and Africa, with projects in Quatar, Brunei and Pakistan, Thailand, Gabon, Nigeria and India.


The company starts its offshore activities as a founding partner of Transocean Drilling Company Limited.

1950s and 1960s

The company regains its previous reputation and is awarded contracts to drill in Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Spanish-Sahara.


With little equipment remaining the company moves headquarters to Bad Bentheim where opportunities exist for expansion in the nearby oil and gas fields.


The company loses its facilities in Aschersleben and all rigs that had been in the eastern part of Germany.


Europe’s first significant natural gas field is discovered located in the Bad Bentheim forest. The “Norddeutschland I” stands right at the beginning of all natural gas finds in Northern Germany, the Netherlands and the North Sea.

1920s and 1930s

An increase of drilling activities takes place. New activities are found abroad in countries like Russia, Yugoslavia and Spain.


Carl Deilmann Sr. takes over the shares of DEUTAG and start to renew the company that soon regains its former strength and reputation.


The company is renamed: Deutsche Tiefbohr Aktiengesellschaft – DEUTAG.


Lapp retires after suffering a setback due to the devastating effects of the First World War.


Heinrich Lapp starts drilling for oil. The company opens offices in Budapest (Hungary) and Gleiwitz (Germany).


By the turn of the century, Lapp ownes a fleet of 25 steam-driven rigs, principally drilling for salt and coal.


The young drilling engineer Heinrich Lapp (1860-1936) founds the drilling company in Aschersleben, Germany. During an era of technological optimism a lot of money is invested into drilling.